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From recent awards, new partnerships, and scientific publications to press releases and new content about the future of diagnostics and monitoring of neurocognitive disorders

Unequal access to cognitive healthcare is a key barrier to reducing the ever-increasing rates of brain and neurodegenerative health disorders worldwide.

ViewMind, a Luxembourg startup active in precision diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders based on eye tracking movements, won the 1st place at the 14th Healthcare Innovation…

An unmatched tool for early detection of cognitive alterations

The Race against Long-Covid – By Leesa Soulodre

CEO of ViewMind Inc, Mark Edwards, discusses the cognitive effects of Long COVID, aiming to understand the science behind brain fog and other COVID symptoms

Digital biomarker can identify which cases of mild cognitive impairment will develop into Alzheimer’s so that early interventions can be put in place to prevent…

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