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ViewMind is the global leader in the precision measurement of neurocognitive health based on ocular digital phenotyping. With incredibly high sensitivity and specificity, ViewMind’s digital brain assessments can contribute to advancing precision drug development and precision patient care.

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1 billion

individuals suffer from neurological
disorders, with dementia being the world’s 7th most frequent cause of death.


Source: WHO


leading global cause of disability is mental health problems. Brain health is the foundation of our mental health.


Source: WHO


FDA final marketing approval rate for central nervous system (CNS) drugs, compared to 13.3% for non-CNS drugs.


Source: NIH

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Ojaswi Rana
Best Practices Research Analyst - Frost & Sullivan

“ViewMind’s technology applies to a range of neurocognitive conditions, an exceptional and unique value proposition. ViewMind has exceptional growth potential, with medical centers, clinics, and elderly care centers rapidly adopting its proprietary technology. 

The company’s offering spans the diagnostic continuum, from early stage to disease progression, monitoring, response, and treatment.”

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Neurologists lack sensitive, non-invasive tools to detect minor cognitive alterations both early in a neurological disease and as a result of treatment

Our brain is good at hiding symptoms thanks to cognitive reserve. By the time a disorder is detected, it is often too late to intervene. Existing solutions – biomarkers or neuroimaging – are expensive and invasive, and their use is limited to patients already presenting symptoms. Another challenge is understanding the cognitive and functional impact of physiological and metabolic changes on the brain.

ViewMind has developed a solution to change the course of central nervous system drug development and precision patient care.

Scalable, affordable, non-invasive markers of brain health 

Accurately assess cognitive domains and the health of associated brain regions

ViewMind measures neurocognitive health by cognitive domain and the corresponding brain regions. Those results accurately correlate with standard biomarkers, neuroimaging, EEG, and motor function tests.
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An assessment is conducted using a virtual reality headset. During the assessment, sensors track eye movements in response to visual stimuli.
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Data analysis

Patented ocular digital phenotyping uses AI to analyze data from over 1 billion permutations. It can measure minor cognitive alterations or changes to high-level motor function.
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ViewMind detects neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases based on the data and generates a presumptive diagnostic report for the clinician.

ViewMind Industry Applications

Pharmaceutical companies

Pre-screen prospective study participants with a scalable, non-invasive solution. Cognitively match cohorts. Measure the impact of new drugs on cognitive health.

Healthcare institutions

Assess and monitor patients’ brain health. Measure the impact of treatments on their neurocognitive resources.

ViewMind Leadership Team

We are a team of neuroscientists, serial entrepreneurs, seasoned engineers, and data scientists. 
  • Executives and founders

  • Board of Directors

  • Scientific Advisory Board 

Mark Edwards
CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur, CEO, chairman, founder, board member and builder of market leaders in both private and public companies.

Danilo Verge MD MBA

A pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of experience in global medical roles, including Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca and Zealand Pharma.

Gerardo Fernandez PhD
CSO & Founder

Scientific researcher with 20+ years of experience researching eye movement patterns, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

Matias Shulz
CPO & Founder

Seasoned entrepreneur, founder and digital health executive.

Ariel Arelovich PhD

Full-stack software development leader and eye-tracking specialist.

Matt Heller
VP Business Development

Business development executive with a neurology, psychiatry and mental health focus.  

Mario Parra MD PhD
Neuroscientific Officer

Specialist in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related impairments.  

Mark Edwards
Director & Chairman

Serial entrepreneur, CEO, chairman, founder, board member and builder of market leaders in both private and public companies.
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Leesa Soulodre MBA

Founder and Managing Partner of R3i Ventures, a seed-stage VC Fund based in Luxembourg, Singapore and Silicon Valley.

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Daniel D'Agostino MBA
Director and Audit Chair

Over 20 years in healthcare as head of investment banking or as a biotechnology CFO.

Scarlett Chen

Managing Partner, Verge HealthTech Fund. Previously Managing Director at Prudential Corporation Asia & investment banker at Merrill Lynch & Barclays.
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Nicolás Tognalli PhD

Founder and managing partner of CITES, a deeptech early stage VC fund.

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Francisco Lopera MD

Professor, Director and founder of the Antioquia Neuroscience Group at the University of Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia. Dr. Lopera is one of the world’s leading specialists on Alzheimer’s & neurodegenerative disorders.

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Walter Greenleaf PhD

Dr. Greenleaf is a Stanford University research neuroscientist and medical product developer and one the world’s leading authorities in the use of virtual reality technology in healthcare.

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Danilo Verge MD MBA

A pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years of experience in global medical roles, including Novo Nordisk, AstraZeneca and Zealand Pharma.

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Juan Granada MD

CEO of the cardiovascular research foundation CRF in New York. Dr. Granada is one of the leading researchers in the translational validation of novel cardiovascular therapies.
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Mario Parra MD PhD

An award-winning neuroscientist for innovative research in Alzheimer’s biomarkers and a Professor at Strathclyde University.
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