ViewMind for private and public healthcare institutions

Precision approach to
neurological diseases

ViewMind has the potential to significantly impact healthcare for brain diseases by addressing these unmet needs:

  • Challenging, costly, time-consuming neurological assessments.
  • High misdiagnosis rates: 18% for Alzheimer’s, 30% for Parkinson’s, and 20% for multiple sclerosis.
  • Lack of objective data to measure a patient’s response to treatment.

How healthcare institutions can potentially incorporate ViewMind within their care setting

Brain health assessment

Quantify neurocognitive and brain alterations

  • Evaluate cognitive and brain health through a brief and non-invasive 15-minute series of tests


  • Specific tests can be used to find ocular patterns characteristic of various neurodegenerative diseases, disease progression, and even subclinical alterations. 

Therapeutic impact measurement

Provide objective evidence on drug impact

  • Select the drug most likely to ameliorate symptoms based on the patient’s ocular digital phenotype.
  • Measure the state of different cognitive domains and related brain regions to track the impact of a therapeutic.

Neurocognitive performance monitoring

Track neurocognitive resources and brain changes

  • Quantify various aspects of neurocognitive performance and brain function.
  • Monitor small changes in neurocognitive performance over time, differentiating between disease-related and age-related alterations.

How healthcare professionals identify patients’ conditions with ViewMind

Traditional neurocognitive assessments can be inconclusive and non-specific. ViewMind is developing tools to offer insights into patients’ cognitive health.

Distinguishing between different neurocognitive diseases

A 45-year-old patient visited a neurologist showing attention problems, continuous headaches, and fatigue.

He had suffered from similar problems all his life, but nobody could diagnose his condition. The patient underwent ViewMind’s evaluations and our algorithms identified eye movement patterns consistent with dyslexia.

The patient was diagnosed and started treatment for dyslexia, which resulted in a tangible improvement in his quality of life.

“The neurocognitive assessment solutions offered by ViewMind reveal insight into a patient’s cognitive process and are extremely useful to aid in the assessment process to improve patient outcomes”.


Dr Gustavo Echevarria

Providing a differential assessment based on eye movement patterns

A 65-year-old patient was showing an increasing level of cognitive impairment.

A number of traditional neurocognitive assessments were performed and the results were inconclusive. The possible causes were Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or MCI caused by depression (requiring 3 very different treatments).

The patient underwent ViewMind’s evaluations, and our algorithms were able to identify that when the patient was presented with very specific visual exercises, the ocular movement patterns were not characteristic of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
“ViewMind’s precision neurocogntive digital biomarkers to assist a doctor make a differential diagnosis are unique and highly valuable in the clinical setting”.

Dr Gustavo Sgrilli

ViewMind Technology

Developing a non-invasive solution
for hospitals,...

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Any healthcare provider can complete an online ViewMind Training and certification under 60 minutes 

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Analysis of oculomotor patterns

After collecting extensive data, ViewMind’s proprietary context-aware statistical models analyze the information and identify ocular digital phenotype patterns associated with specific neurocognitive disorders. These advanced models ensure precise and robust outcomes. 

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ViewMind generates a report that provides insights into the patient’s cognitive condition through analysis of the data collected. This report is then accessible to the physician. 

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