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A clinically validated solution for accurate, non-invasive screening and diagnostics in healthcare settings

As opposed to pen and paper tests, ViewMind is a clinically validated solution designed to provide accurate and consistent results regardless of patients’ culture, age or education. It measures neurocognitive resources and brain changes, correlating with fMRI, EEG and pathological biomarkers such as CSF, blood assays and amyloid-PET. ViewMind can be used to diagnose, monitor and quantify neurocognitive resources and identify with high sensitivity and specificity individuals at risk of developing Alzheimer’s.


How healthcare institutions can use ViewMind in their settings of care

Predict development of MCI and Alzheimer’s before clinical symptoms
Up to 35% of ADRD cases may be prevented by modifying risk factors. Help improve future cognitive health outcomes by identifying at-risk patients early on.
How healthcare professionals identify patients’ conditions with ViewMind

Traditional neurocognitive assessments can be inconclusive and inaccurate. ViewMind offers insights into patients’ cognitive health

Identifying dyslexia with the help of AI algorithms

A 45-year-old patient visited a neurologist showing attentional problems, continuous headaches and tiredness. All his life, he suffered from similar problems, but nobody could diagnose his condition. The patient performed ViewMind's evaluations and our algorithms identified eye movement patterns compatible with dyslexia. Moments later, the patient was diagnosed and started treatment for dyslexia, which resulted in a tangible improvement in his quality of life.

Dr Gustavo Echevarria

“The neurocognitive assessment solutions offered by ViewMind’s reveal insight into a patients cognitive process and are extremely useful to aid in the diagnosis process to improve patient outcomes”.

Providing a differential diagnosis based on eye movement patterns

A 65-year-old patient showed an increasing level of cognitive impairment. A number of traditional neurocognitive assessments were performed and the results were inconclusive. The possible diagnoses were Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease or MCI caused by depression (requiring 3 very different treatments). The patient performed ViewMind's evaluations and our algorithms could identify that when the patient was presented with very specific visual exercises the ocular movement patterns were not compatible with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. The patient only showed a delay in executive functions, and therefore was treated for major depression. One month later, the patient recovered his cognitive resources.

Dr Gustavo Sgrilli

“ViewMind’s precision neurocogntive digital biomarkers to assist a doctor make a differential diagnosis are unique and highly valuable in the clinical setting”.

ViewMind Technology

ViewMind’s non-invasive solution for hospitals, neurology centers, memory clinics, and elderly care centers

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