ViewMind for insurance companies

Risk management and cognitive health monitoring

Neurocognitive disorders can start affecting a person’s cognitive health decades before symptoms appear. Early visibility is key for insurers to evaluate risk — and empower younger demographics to make healthier choices.

Key benefits for insurance companies

Alejandro Simón
Grupo Sancor Seguros
"ViewMind’s breakthrough cognitive health diagnostic, detects changes up to 20 years before clinical symptoms, empowering individuals to seek treatment with a view to preserving their cognitive health and that of their family members. Sancor Seguros are excited to be partnering and supporting ViewMind to bring these benefits to millions of families globally and to Sancor Seguros' customers."

Help your customers achieve better health outcomes

ViewMind’s accurate, accessible, non-invasive and scalable assessment can help patients monitor their cognitive health and prevent cognitive decline.
Young adults
Build awareness of factors influencing cognitive longevity
Empower customers to take control over their cognitive health
Encourage investments in improving cognitive longevity
Middle-aged adults
Help develop healthy habits to reduce the risk of dementia
Contribute to earlier visibility of cognitive health
Alter the course of future health outcomes with early screenings

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